04 February 2019

Oil Burners and Sealing Wax Spoons

Thank you for your company today!

I found this at the back of my closet. It was a gift that I used a lot when it was new and then had forgotten about. It's an oil burner. Fragrance oil is poured in the bowl on top and the scent disperses with the heat of the candle.

Scent diffusers have become popular in the past few years to help create a calm, relaxing environment. Instead of buying one, I should just use this again. My favorite scents are lavender and rosemary. Plus I'll get to use the bag of tealights that's also hiding at the back of the closet.

But I found a new use for my oil burner...something to use in tandem with my sealing wax spoon.

"Sealing wax what?", you ask?

This spoon is a tool for sealing envelopes with wax. 

The wax seal is reminiscent of the Middle Ages -- as  a way to close a letter, a decorative touch, and the seal that was pressed on was a signature, indicating who the letter was from.  

The sealing wax spoon has a pouring spout for the melted wax and a wooden handle to keep the handle cool.

I bought this at a gift shop but they are easy to find on-line. You can also try using an inexpensive measuring spoon; just wrap the handle with clay or well-padded cloth to keep your fingers from burning when the metal becomes hot. 

Put small pieces of sealing wax in the bowl of the spoon.

sealing wax spoons, how to use wax seals, wax sealed envelopes, snail mail, letter writing, blah to TADA!
Put the spoon over the flame. 

sealing wax spoons, how to use wax seals, wax sealed envelopes, snail mail, letter writing, blah to TADA!
The sealing wax melts in a matter of minutes.

Pour the melted wax on the envelope flap.

Firmly press your wax seal stamp and let it stand for a few minutes to get a good impression.

This is my "C" seal...TADA!

I use the tea light candle of this oil burner to melt the wax. I use the top part of the oil burner to park my spoon while it cools. It also makes the process mess-free (no wax dripping on my desk). 

I was able to repurpose my oil burner and with my wax seal kit, I turned some plain envelopes from blah to TADA!


  1. Wouldn't you feel special if someone handed you a note in an envelope with a wax seal? Very cool (heehee, or "hot") indeed!

  2. Hi Priscilla! I received one a long time ago and it felt really special! :)


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