22 March 2010

Hot Stuff

Hi there Everyone!

Our blah to TADA! make-over candidate this week
is this blue & white shirt.

I cut up part of the sleeve and...

TADA! -- it's still a sleeve but this one's for a to-go cup. It will keep your fingers safe from the hot coffee that seems to be seeping through the paper.

I made it using several layers: cloth at the bottom, foam in the middle and the blue & white stripe fabric on top. The more layers, the more protected your fingers will be! I stitched the layers together and the edges can be linked with elastic tape, Velcro tape or a button.

Keep it in your bag to be used over & over again
for your daily coffee rituals.


  1. Clever and lovely, my favourite combination!

  2. Good Morning Melissa! I super like white & baby blue -- couldn't let go of this shirt :) Have a fab day!

  3. oh Claire... this is waaaaay too cute ♥ have a great week!!!

  4. Thank you my dear Nuit! Have a fun & sunny week!

  5. Great "Tada!" I love how you recycled something that was just okay and turned it into something really cool. :) Thanks so much for the visit!

  6. i love this! i hate when the lid doesn't fit right and coffee drips down the sides - i bet this sleeve would keep it off my fingers! good work :)

  7. Thanks a lot Amanda & Meg for visiting and leaving some thoughtful words :)

  8. Thanks for stoping by my blog! Come back soon :) I love this sleeve!! SO cute.

  9. Hello Olivia! Thanks for coming over as well :)


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