13 March 2012

Coffee Sleeves

I've lined up a couple of coffee projects this week. You like coffee, don't you? I think it's TADA! It smells wonderful and is energizing. But there are things left over after consumption, like paper cups or these cardboard sleeves:

These sleeves protect your fingers from the hot liquid
that warm up the paper cup.

I like that they're made of recycled fiber
and are compostable. 

But realistically, we won't carry this around to use 
for our next cup, right? So here's what I
would do to turn 'em from blah to TADA!:

TADA! I decorated it with paper cut-outs!

This one has a cherry blossom theme.
Do you like the 3-D effect?

Polka-dots are cute, too.

Ink and rubber stamps spell out a quirky request.

And here's how I would re-use them:

When giving a reusable mug as a present, I would use this sleeve in lieu of packaging it in gift wrap. I would write my message at the back, the same way baristas write your name when you order a drink.

Or I would "wrap" a bottle of beer in it for a colleague who's had a hard day. TADA!


  1. Next you will see me standing in front of a Tim Horton's and collecting all 'coffee sleeves' from people!! Seriously I love this idea Claire!

  2. this project is really cute Claire! x

  3. Betty! You're funny! I think I'll join you...can't say no to coffee & doughnuts :)

    Hi Nuit! How have you been?

    Thanks for the LOVE ladies! :)


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