13 January 2020

Pages from my Sketchbook: Everyday People

Everyday, I try my hardest to develop my creativity.  Whether it's something related to making art, solving a problem at work, or mundane tasks at home, I go the route, "What is a fun and unique way to do this?" This approach keeps fear and boredom at bay and who knows, I might just learn something new from it. 

I was reading a book on improving one's writing skills and one advice the author gave (I'm sorry I can't recall who it was) was to "Take home a face." She meant being observant in your daily life. Choose a person and take him or her to your writing desk. Describe him or her in detail -- this will help give animation to your writing.

I took her suggestion and used it for both sketching and writing. Here, let me show you a some of the faces I took home: 

"The Man at the Supermarket"

"The Man at the Coffee Shop"

"The Snow Sisters"

"Modern Day Dracula"

"Strawberry Girl"

I hope I can do this exercise often to allow me to "be present" and appreciate the world around me.


  1. I like to write, too. I think "taking home a face" is a really cool exercise. Your private investigator guy is interesting. Maybe he was spying on someone at the coffee shop.:-)

    1. I know, right?! I should've followed him ;) Thanks, Priscilla!


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