09 March 2020

Earrings Made from Cord

Howdy! I'm on a mission to save these strips of cording:

These were the handles of a paper bag.

Roll them into a coil and sew them with a needle and matching thread to keep the coil from unraveling.

Add some bright handmade tassels and gold jewelry findings.

Attach them together with hand stitching and we have these fun and flirty tassel earrings...TADA!

Here's another version:

This is navy cord, also taken from a paper bag.

Wind it into itself and sew the rows to each other with needle and thread.

I looked through my collection to find some complimentary beads.

Then I sewed them on the cord coil.

Here's what my new pair of earrings looks like...TADA!

I also rescued some gold cord.

Here are the materials I used to turn blah to...

TADA! Another pair of dangling earrings that were created from materials I already had at home.

Earrings made from paper bag handles
I hope this has inspired you to do some crafty recycling yourself. Thanks for your visit!


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