30 March 2020

Crafty Recycling

Are you having cabin fever yet? 

We live in difficult times because of the Coronavirus and staying at home is the most responsible thing to do. Last week, I shared some easy crafts to keep us productive. Need more ideas? Below are a few more. 

If you scrounge around your home, you'll most likely find the basic materials. Now is the time to be creative and resourceful!

1. Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun activity to do with young children.

Take an empty paper bag and attach a list of items that you can find around your home. Give one bag to each child and tell them they need to go a-hunting. You can offer a prize, too.

When they find the item, they have to put it in the bag and cross it off the list. It's also a sneaky way to get them to clean up their mess...TADA!

Recycle empty boxes like this tea box. Tap out the box and wipe the inside with a dry cloth.  

Paint it. Decorate it (with stickers, magazine cut-outs or markers). Then add a handle made from cardboard...TADA! 

Make it with your daughter and she'll have a "pretend grown-up" bag that she can stuff with little toys. Or use it as a gift box to be filled and given away when we can finally be out and about.

This idea lets us re-purpose those boxes from on-line shopping. 

A box with a flip-top lid is ideal, but if all you have is the regular one that opens in the middle, that works, too. 

Cover the box with magazine pages attached using regular glue. Then add more paper cut-outs to add color and character. You can also use gift wrapping paper if that's what you have.

Use the box to store anything from cards and letters, stationery or accessories...TADA! 

A little tidying up is another way to keep us occupied during this time of community quarantine.

This easy craft might come in hand-y (pardon the pun)! Trace your hand on a piece of sturdy cardboard and cut around it.

Find a sturdy base such as several cardboard sheets stacked together and attached with hot glue. Or a thick wood coaster/trivet that you're no longer using. Then attach the cardboard hand to the base with more hot glue. Let the glue dry for several minutes. Paint it and allow to dry for several hours.

Use it to keep your rings neat and easy to find...TADA!

If you have these gift wrapping tissue saved from recently opened presents, dry cleaning, or packaging (from your on-line shopping), turn them into paper flowers...TADA! You'll find the detailed instructions here

If you don't have wire (for the stem), use those take-out chopsticks or drinking straws in your junk drawer. Since we can't go out to buy flowers, let's make the flowers ourselves! We don't want our vases to be sad and empty, right?

Here's something you can find in your closet:

Maybe you've got an old t-shirt that's ready to retire.

Give it new life as a shoe bag...TADA! Sew the three edges together, keep the top open, and attach some cord to make a draw-string opening. You don't need a sewing machine as long as you have needle and thread. You'll find the tutorial hereAnd when life goes back to normal and we'll all be able to travel again, this shoe bag is ready.

coronavirus pandemic

I know it's tough, but time at home is a gift. Use it to rest. Be with your family (or keep in touch if you're living far away or exercising social distancing). And do some crafty recycling

Be safe everyone!


  1. I love these ideas, especially the scavenger hunt, anything to keep kids occupied while stuck at home! Be well.

    1. Thank you dear Priscilla! Stay safe and take care!


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