29 June 2020

Treasures from the Trash: A TV Stand

In our apartment building, there's a compactor room where we put our trash and recyclables. Sometimes, my neighbors leave furniture there.

Here's what I found on one occasion: a TV stand!

It was in good shape and I would've taken it home if I had some space to spare.

Then I would turn it from blah to TADA!  Let me borrow some images from Pinterest to show you how:

Made to order - Handmade Rustic Corner Table / TV Stand with Shelf in White. **Please note I currently wont be able to take on any more orders until after Christmas, but please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or enquiries. Kind regards, Remy** Made from 100%
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I would wrap wood around the TV stand to give it a rustic look.

via Pinterest

This one's wrapped in wood, too, but with an added back panel to hang the TV. I like it!

fix for cheap tv stand
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Maybe I can paint it in a uniform shade and add some legs to make it look more classic.

I'll also explore adding doors for hidden storage:

Ikea Restyle: Mid Century TV Stand | A Beautiful Mess | Bloglovin̢۪
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amber interior design
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via Pinterest

I can also turn it into another kind of furniture:
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Like a pillow-top bench with built-in shoe storage...TADA!

office and craft room storage, printer cart
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I can also paint it in a fun color, attach some casters, and use it as an arts and crafts shelf...TADA!

Thanks for dreaming with me!


  1. I can't believe how that one piece covered in rustic wood transformed it SO COMPLETELY, wow. Cool pics!


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