29 March 2021

The Golden Egg

Easter is this Sunday and I've been thinking how much of it is centered around children -- the candy, the Easter egg hunts, and the bunnies. Well, grown-ups can celebrate Easter, too! And while we're still in a pandemic, we can have a small gathering with our quarantine-TEAM or for those who've been vaccinated, a slightly bigger but still responsible soiree.

Today, I made these paper mache' Easter eggs and painted them gold. I like the imperfect finish that almost resembles gold leaf. If paper mache' is too much of a process, you may, instead, paint hard boiled eggs or plastic eggs. 

I picked up these goose feathers from a park nearby and washed them with warm soapy water and let them dry.

I gathered the eggs and the feathers into a neat bouquet (held together by hot glue and string). 

I tied it around a cloth napkin and positioned them on each place setting. 

Now I'm ready to serve Easter brunch!

And of course, I'll give away Easter treats like these dark chocolate cookies...TADA! 


  1. The feather-and-egg napkin decorations are SO classy and pretty! I love the way you've boxed the cookies, too.:-)


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