15 March 2021

Plain Box to Gift Box

I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging! I've seen many that are like works of art. I know that a lot of time was put into these by graphic artists, marketing folks, and printing companies.  That's why it's a polite habit to admire packaging design that we see at the store. 

Here is a gift that I received all the way from Hong Kong. The box looks very regal but the label adds some playfulness.

Open it to find individually wrapped loose tea like Puer, Oolong, Black, and Green, with a pamphlet indicating the proper way to brew each one. I love this gift because it was thoughtful (they know I'm a tea enthusiast) and I would have one every morning with my breakfast.

Not soon after, there was no more tea left. But I kept the box.

I'm going to re-purpose it.

I found this piece of scrapbook paper with a most vibrant print. 

I cut a smaller strip...

...And positioned it on the lid like a belt. I secured it in place with some glue.

It's an attractive accent but doesn't take away from the beauty of the box.

Inside, I added some shredded paper...

...And a few little gifts.

I also made a card using scrapbook paper, watercolor, rubbers stamps, and an ink pad...

...Where I'll write a sweet message.

And this is how a transformed a box from blah to TADA!

I hope this encourages more people to reuse and recycle. You'll find more ideas here, here, here and here


  1. It's fabulous, as always. I like reusing boxes, too! (And bags.)


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