29 August 2021

Covered Buttons

Hey, hey, it's all about covered buttons today.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, here are covered buttons made from vintage Kimono fabric. Aren't the prints pretty? The crafter made the buttons into rings...TADA! 

I think this is a clever way to use up any fabric scraps that you might have.

To make them, here's what you'll need:

(1) Fabric Scraps - always save remnants from your sewing projects and collect them in a box or drawer. You'll find many opportunities to turn them from blah to TADA!

(2) A covered button kit (I bought this at a sewing supply store)

(3) A pair of scissors  to cut the fabric (the circle pattern comes with the kit)

Just by following the instructions on the kit (check out the tutorial here), you can make these buttons in no time. 

This is a fun way to use your new buttons:

Take a few bobby pins, ideally the ones with a flat disk (also from the craft store)...

Then with a glue gun, attach the covered buttons onto the disk and let the glue dry for a few hours.

And here we have dainty hairpins for young and old...TADA!

In a previous post, I made some crochet flowers and used the covered button as a cute accent. 

At the back I sewed on a hair elastic and my crochet flower became a ponytail holder...TADA!

Hooray for covered buttons!

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  1. I remember my late, sweet aunt covering buttons for a wedding dress back in the day when you couldn't buy pre-covered bridal buttons. Your post made me think of her, thanks.:-)

    1. What a nice memory, Priscilla! I love how objects can trigger nostalgia. I bet your aunt was a wonderful human!


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