01 August 2021

Snail Mail Envelopes

A handwritten letter in the mail.

I consider this to be one of life's greatest pleasures. It takes time and effort. It's very manual: expressing one's thoughts through script and going to the post office to mail it. It also carries lots of hope, "I hope it arrives" or "I hope she likes it". 

When I write letters, I go all out. I even dress up the envelope because it's the first thing people see -- people at the post office, the mail carriers, and the recipient. The letter has to be dressed appropriately! 

Let me show you a few examples:

I used rubber stamps and washi tape...TADA!

I made my own envelope using an old map...TADA! If you look at the bottom, there's a town called Jollyville (I love that!).

This envelope is looking blah.

It's because I saved all the embellishments for the inside! It's a card and envelope in one...TADA!

card and envelope in one

An old envelope was used as a template and I decorated with stickers, washi tape, chipboard letters, and printed card stock.

The next time you send snail mail, why not add an extra special touch to your envelopes? And if you'd like these blog posts delivered via e-mail, you can subscribe here


  1. The inside-out envelope is such a fun idea! I like writing the recipient's name in big, fancy letters and then writing the address in neat print (so the post office can read it:-)).

  2. Thank you Priscilla! Hooray for snail mail!


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