28 November 2021

Advent Calendar Round-up

Anticipation...that's the word that best describes Christmas to a child. 

When I was little, I loved looking at the presents under the tree. I would even search for the ones with my name on them, making a mental note on how many gifts I was going to open come Christmas. All the waiting was excruciating! 

That's why Advent Calendars were created: to count down the days in Advent/December that lead up to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  

Below are some of the cutest ones I've seen:

These are hung on a wall and a surprise is tucked inside each of the pockets. A surprise is unwrapped daily, making the wait to Christmas more bearable.

This one takes a different form. It's a runner for the dining table:

The "gift" is moved from one day to the next to help the family keep count.

While you can put stocking stuffers or little gifts in the pockets, why not use an Advent Calendar to teach kids that Christmas is not just about presents? Use it to encourage sharing (ex. donations to "Toys for Tots"). Or to start unique traditions (ex. learn a Christmas carol, read a book or watch a movie with a Christmas theme, bake cookies, write and mail a card). That way, values and learning are involved, and family memories are created year after year.

Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar (Countdown to Christmas), Vermont Christmas Company

This Advent Calendar tells the story of Jesus. Initially, the characters are in the pockets and are then added to the the Nativity scene using Velco-backing. I love this idea because Christmas isn't Christmas without Christ!

Sure enough, Advent Calendars turn the "blah" of waiting into "TADA!"

Does your home have an Advent Calendar? What do you put inside the pockets?


  1. I've seen Advent calendars that have little figures for a nativity. They're my favorite. Our family had an advent calendar which was made up of little mittens strung on ribbon. I just put a small piece of candy or a nickel inside. It finally fell apart, but it was a fun tradition for years.

    1. What a sweet tradition, Priscilla! I'm sure your family will remember this forever.


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