25 February 2024

Ink Blot Patterns

Hey, hey, it's nice to see you today!

I love learning a new skill, especially in the arts and crafts department. 

One of the blessings of the pandemic were the free on-line classes that one can take no matter your location and time zone. Many of these classes still continue and many of them are still free of charge. Yay!

One class I took was with Faith Hale and Courtney Cerruti. They did a demonstration on how to make ink blot patterns.

Let me show you how:

We will need a nib pen and ink, as well as a stack of scrap paper. Also make sure you line your table with newspaper in case of ink spills, and keep a rag or paper towel handy for any messes.

We'll take a sheet of paper and fold it in half. Unfold the paper and write a word or draw a design along the fold. While the ink is still wet, fold the paper again. 

When you open up the paper, the smooshed ink will produce a unique pattern. Mine looks like an insect, a stylized bee or butterfly, perhaps? 

Take another sheet of paper, fold it in half and write along the fold.

Fold the paper while the ink is still wet, then open the paper to reveal the random pattern you created.

Try it again, this time adding dots and small puddles of ink after writing the word on the fold.

Fold the paper while the ink is wet, then unfold. The extra ink created bigger ink blots, which I think are so dramatic...TADA!

Here is a collection of trial and error ink blots, but you know what, I loved the surprise! With more practice, I can see this turning into a repeating pattern that can find its way on fabric or stationery.

That is how I turned scrap paper from "blah to TADA!"

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