28 January 2009

Doodle Your Dreams

We're still working with packaging paper today and these large sheets are perfect to turn into a scrapbook for doodling & dreaming:

Just fold and cut the paper into the size you want, then staple them together. Secure the folded edge and add a nifty label for the cover (I used an old paper bag), get out your pens and get ready to draw! But let's play with purpose, shall we? Why don't we turn this doodle pad into a diary of dreams, goals & wishes? Go ahead and decorate the pages with everything you hope for this year -- a better job, to find love, to travel, whatever!

If you've ever read the bestselling book "The Secret", it talks about the Law of Attraction that's always responsive to your thoughts for as long as: (1) You know what you want & ask the universe for it; (2) Feel & behave as if the object of your desire is on its way; and (3) Be open to receiving it. Isn't this doodle pad a good way to start?

Through the course of the year, as you slowly realize the dreams that you drew, be like a kid again & color away:

I wish all of you a colorful doodle pad at the end of this year! That, in my book, will be a real blah to TADA!


  1. I love the book "The Secret" and follow the way of positive thinking daily! What another cute idea you've came up with and for me to apply that to my life as well as contributing to keeping the world more green! Thank you =D


  2. Thanks so much Angela! I hope you'll turn your dreams into reality =)


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