26 January 2009

Pocket Notebooks

Packaging Paper is what we'll be recycling this week. You know -- those big sheets of newsprint paper used by stores to wrap breakable items before they are placed into a paper bag. I amassed quite a few over the holidays. While some made it into the boxes I mailed out (used in place of Styrofoam peanuts), I still have a huge pile ready for transformation. Everyday this week, I'll show you how we can turn this BLAH (packaging paper) into a TADA!

Today's TADA! are
Pocket Notebooks. The Moleskine Cahier Notebooks
are the inspiration for this. I started out with a neat pile of about 5 sheets, folded them and cut them in half with a pair of scissors. I kept at it until I found the size I wanted (4" x 6"). I folded the sheets in half but instead of cutting, I stapled at the fold (about 2-3 staples along the fold). For the cover, I used an old photo I was willing to part with. Hey, that's new life for a photo that was hiding in a box for years! Plus it makes the notebook unique, personal and sturdy. Decorative paper or colorful card stock are other options. Attach the cover to the spine using glue.

There you have it, several pocket notebooks for all the brilliant ideas that will come your way.


  1. I've just read through the entire thing in one sitting, it's brilliant! There are so many original ideas on here that I'm looking forward to trying :)

  2. You're the sweetest Empty Purse! Knowing that you're enjoying my blog makes me giddy all over!


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