29 January 2009

Note on a Rope

Today's TADA! is another notebook crafted from packaging paper, those sheets that give a bear hug to breakable items for the ride home from the store. Simply cut the sheets into the size of a deck of cards, punch a hole on the upper corners and sandwich them in between two pieces of cardboard. Thread on a chain, string or ribbon and you've got a note on a rope! Students, writers & reporters will find this accessory very useful for jotting down quick notes or important quotes. Hang one on your closet doorknob for instant reminders (ex. mend socks, get new jeans, shop for a silver clutch) or leave one in the car for lists to make while in traffic. Need to exchange phone numbers? Scribble it on a page, tear a sheet & there's your instant calling card! This practical necklace may never appear on the pages of VOGUE but you'll be the hero when somebody asks, "Anyone have paper?"


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