12 June 2009

Bon Voyage Bucket

Goodbyes...I'm not a big fan.

Whether it's a short trip or a permanent move involving a loved one, I consider goodbyes a blah. Let me explain: it's like a piece of me moves away, too, and that little empty space swells. And it hurts. And I don't like it. But don't worry, I never cause a scene (ex. hanging on to the pants of a dear friend as she boards the bus to her new adventure). I do my darn best to be supportive, even preparing a thoughtful Tada! going-away present:

Presenting the Bon Voyage Bucket!
It's made from a candy can, cleaned and wrapped with decorative paper.

Hmmm, wondering what's inside?
I've stuffed it with things that you can find in those free amenity kits on the airplane.

Like the basics: a sleep mask, ear plugs and a pair of socks (plane blankets aren't big enough to cover your toes!).

I also include tissue paper, anti-bacterial hand wipes, a travel toothbrush, toothpaste and moisturizer for face & lips (all in 3 oz. sizes as required by airlines for any carry-on liquids).

And because this isn't your generic amenity kit, I threw in some mints, vitamins or a packet of dietary supplements, energizing aromatherapy oil, relaxing chamomile tea and a handmade bookmark with a prayer for a safe journey.

An inflatable pillow, a magazine, destination guide and travel journal are other things that I might want to add to the package.

So even if that special someone saying goodbye leaves on coach, this gift is sure to make him or her feel like they're on first class!

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I am in love with this idea. Beautiful and practical!

  2. Thanks a lot Amanda & Stephanie! Thank you for your visit =)

  3. (thanks for the comment!) and, your blog is fantastic! i will be stopping by again!

  4. Aw Claire! this is such a sweet post!

    Hey I have you my One Lovely Blog award today, go check!

  5. Welcome to my blog Quenchant for the Curious! Please come by anytime =)

    Thanks Nuit! Wow! A BIG HUG and THANK YOU for the award!

  6. You forgot the Bucky travel kit (ultralight mask/id grip and minnie neck pillow). It's a must!

  7. Now that goodbye can is adorable, and such a great idea!

  8. Thanks a lot Bianca & Indie.Tea!

    Hello Anonymous...thanks for the visit & the additional items to include in our homemade amenity kit =)

  9. Your blog is so cute and sinful. I will drop in again...
    thanks for visit my blog. Anja

  10. This is adorable! How clever

  11. Thanks Ashley!

    Hi Kelley -- you can easily make this from a container and goodies from the drugstore =)
    Have fun!

  12. HUMMM wonder if it will work with the oatmeal containers :) Love the idea..
    Keep that brain a working.

  13. Hello Janet -- yes! using oatmeal cans is a neat idea...it can hold more more goodies :)

  14. Wow, this is a great gift idea. So thoughtful...

  15. Thanks Stacy! Hope you get to give something like this away or even receive one yourself =)

  16. I love these! Two of my good friends are leaving the country for a year soon, so I whipped up a couple of custom sleeping-masks and then made them each a bon voyage tin like these. Thanks for the idea!

  17. Hi Alice! You're such a sweet friend -- I'm sure they loved your present!


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