23 June 2009

Judge the Book by its Cover

We're celebrating brides this week and I've got some ideas lined up to transform an old handkerchief from blah to Tada!

A vintage handkerchief, whether received as a gift or found in a flea market, is a perfect accessory for a wedding. Weddings are also a good time to break tradition...

Don't use the handkerchief the way it's supposed to be used (use tissues instead). Use it to cover a book (ex. Bible) that you want to be part of the ceremony. Another alternative is to cover a handmade booklet that holds your vows. This way, something simple turns into something special!


  1. A hankie as book cover - adorable!

  2. oh, I am so doing this. Did you use a glue gun?

  3. Oh thanks Amanda!

    Hello Nuit! I'm sorry I didn't mention how I made it. You can use a glue gun or if you still want to save the hanky after, use clear packing tape then cover the seams (and tape) with a sheet of paper using more tape to secure it in place.

  4. Another interesting idea!

    But - but - use cloth hankies for nose-related jobs too, no!!
    (except the maybe-not-so-pretty-ones!!)

    They are muuch comfier & nicer than dioxin/chlorine-bleached paper!!

  5. Thanks Layla -- you're right, let's still use hankies for tears/sweat but save the prettier hankies for projects like these =)


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