18 June 2009

A Bowl of Beads

I hope you liked the necklace I crafted yesterday. Today, I'll tell you about another necklace that reminds me a lot of my travels. Here goes.

It all started with a bunch of beads...

Each bead came from a different city. I purchased them at craft stores or souvenir shops by the piece, by the bag or as a bracelet that I took apart.

Then one day, I went into "jewelry-making mode". With the help of my trusty pliers, a handful of findings and a silver chain, I turned some blah beads into...

...This Tada! necklace!

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy has a pair of ruby slippers...all she has to do is put them on, click her heels and away she'll go! This is my version of Dorothy's ruby slippers. I simply look at the red bead and I'm off to London. Or I can rub the turquoise bead and I'm transported to the blue beaches of Puerto Rico. The amber bead takes me back to a South African safari and the crystal blue bead reminds me of the mosaics in Morocco.

So if you think it's impossible to wear a vacation around your neck, this necklace shows that you can!


  1. Love this!! I adore the mix of colours! x

  2. Oh my GOD!!! you are a true artist!!!

  3. Nuit...you're too kind =) Thanks!

  4. Your blog is SO cute!! So creative! Just now I spent a whole 40 minutes going through all your posts... Thanks for all the great ideas!

  5. Welcome to my blog Alessia! Your comment left me with a big smile! :-)

  6. What a lovely necklace you created! I love how the beads are all different but work together beautifully.

    I did a similar (but less impressive) thing with a shell I picked up on honeymoon. I get lots of compliments when I wear the necklace, but for me it's more about the sentimental reminder.

  7. Thanks for the sweet compliment Struggler =) I think your shell necklace sounds adorable!


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