08 June 2012

The Matching Game

Hi there and Happy Friday!

Yesterday, we made TADA! seating cards out of blah tea envelopes. Handwritten on it are the guests' names.

Inside are questions that guests are encouraged to answer as they indulge in their meal. Hopefully, these questions spark thoughtful conversations.

Aside from the name, each envelope is numbered. You know why? That's because there's a prize at the end of dinner.

Create this pretty set-up on a blank wall of the party venue. Each envelope has a number, too. All the guest has to do is match the number of their seating card to the prize envelope. 

The prize envelopes are made of empty 
tea sachets as well.

With a little bit of paint...

...who would ever decipher what these envelopes 
were to begin with?

Both sides of the tea sachets are painted and allowed to dry. Now it's time to accessorize!

These flowers from a magazine are just what we need.

Cut around them.

Attach to the sachets and finish with a layer of Mod Podge. Don't forget to assign each one with a number.

Then pop in a prize such as these mini crystal brooches. 

Hang the prize envelopes with wooden clothespins on a piece of ribbon. Spice up the "clothesline" with a few more flowers.

Find them in old magazines.

Match the numbers and take home a prize.

Wouldn't you love to receive a favor from a most memorable dinner party? Have a terrific weekend!


  1. Oh Claire you did such wonderful things with tea bags..love it!
    Btw it's summer, I don't pop in as often but will as I can.

  2. this is sooo beautiful Claire!

  3. This is a cute idea, especially for a small group of people. :)

  4. Heloo Betty, Nuit and Katharine! Thank you for your sweet comments! They really made me smile today :)


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