18 June 2012

Organizing Ideas

Hello friends! I hope you had a nice weekend and a celebratory Father's Day. I wish I could say I had a relaxing one. Sigh. You see, there was a leak in our bathroom, and water found its way in our closet floor. Um, our closet floor is carpeted. I was more afraid of mold and smelly carpets over water damage to our possessions. What a blah. The TADA! part of this experience was that our apartment's maintenance team quickly responded by fixing the leak, and bringing in industrial fans to dry the carpet. They also put fresh padding before securing the carpet in place. 

We spent the weekend returning our stuff in the closet, and vacuuming like crazy people {the industrial fans spread dust everywhere!}. The damage was minimal -- just a soak under the sun to make it all better {very happy that the sun was out and it's summer; just imagine if this happened in winter!}.  

I'm also grateful that I organized our shoes last year. I put them in plastic shoe boxes similar to this one: 

via The Container Store
It's an organizing tip I've seen in many magazines. My initial reaction was, "Who does this?" I thought it was too much work, and depending on the number of shoes you own, you'll need A LOT of these boxes.

via The Container Store
 But I finally succumbed and realized what a good solution it was. Here's why:

  • It keeps shoes protected from dust, and in my case, water
  • Because the boxes are transparent, you can easily see what's inside {makes getting dressed/picking shoes easier}
  • The box sizes are uniform making them easy to stack or pull out

Take a peek at my version:

I got the boxes from here and here, and I even printed photos of the contents. It's a TADA! investment, when considering both time and money. I know for sure that my shoes will last a long, long time.

More organizing ideas all this week!  


  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! such a gr8 idea!!! that is exactly how i have my shoes in my closet!!! makes it so much easier to find them and keep them organized! i also mark if i have worn them so i know which ones to get rid of when i do some spring cleaning! New follower via email :-)


  2. Hello Ms. Composure! Thanks so much for your lovely comment -- it really made my day. I hope I'll be able to provide you with lots of useful ideas :)


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