14 June 2012

Tea Box to Gift Box

In the past few days, we've turned empty tea sachets into cute envelopes. Today, let's see what we can do with the box that those tea bags called home.

blah: empty tea box

I really like how the flap opens and how it "locks" itself to the rest of the box when it's time to close it. 

Air out the box for a few days to get rid of the tea scent. Then give the box a make-over with several coats of paint, inside and out. 

To add color and whimsy, I tore this page from an old magazine.  I'll use the playful illustrations to decoupage.

 Cut-outs of girly things...they remind me of paper doll dresses.

Randomly attach the cut-outs to the box and seal with a layer of Mod Podge. 

 Finish with a cardboard handle {use hot glue to attach it}.
TADA! Doesn't it look like a lady's handbag?

Tuck in a gift like a scarf or make-up for your bestie or some hair accessories for your little niece.

Don't be surprised if this box gets used over and over again. Well, because it's adorable... and because that's what recycling is all about. TADA!


  1. Aww Claire..now if that isn't the cutest thing? You do have wonderful craft ideas and I like that they are so simple to do.

  2. Hello Betty! Thank you for always encouraging me to dream up more ideas. I try to make them as simple as possible with easy to find materials so that even the most-craft challenged will want to craft. :)

    1. And I am fairly craft challenged but do find your crafts are do-able..most of them anyway:) Have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!

    2. Same to you Betty! I hope the weather there is as nice as where I live :)


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