28 September 2012

Summer Skills

As a farewell to my favorite season, I made this week's photo album showcasing the things I did over the summer. I posted a few pictures on Instagram, too, in case you're interested. 

And because I associate summer with learning (or re-learning) something new, here are some creative endeavors in photos:

I took a watercolor class where, aside from
paint, we used materials like salt, bubble wrap,
and colored tissue paper to make art.

Taking that class sparked an interest in watercolor.
I got all nerdy and borrowed some books from
the library to learn new techniques.

I even bought a few things like a visual
journal (watercolor paper), a quality
paintbrush, and a color wheel.

I took my visual journal everywhere, including 
a trip to Brooklyn.

I gave myself the daunting task of painting
the Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline of
lower Manhattan. I started with a sketch.

Then I added color.

Some black ink for definition and TADA!,
my first cityscape. I know, I need more
practice, but I gotta start somewhere. 

I made this little work space that invites me to
practice with watercolors on a regular basis.

I even use watercolors for calligraphy.

I decorated these blah envelopes and
mailed them to friends living miles away.
Keeping in touch via snail mail is
always TADA!

I also offered some time at City Harvest
(we rescue food for New York's hungry),
where I've been volunteering for
several years now. Doing this always
leaves me with a TADA! feeling. 

I'm hoping that by reaching out to long lost
friends and doing some community service,
I would've spread some joy.

Thank you for indulging in my summer album. 
I wish you all a beautiful weekend!

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