01 October 2012

A Few Beach Photos

There is a chill in the air, an indication that autumn has finally arrived. I'm in denial. Still hanging onto the green leaves of summer, the warm sunshine, and puffy clouds. So this week, allow me to share a few more photos that I'll file away into my "Summer 2012 Photo Album".

Today, it's a day at the beach.

The kind where you lie on the sand
and get lost in a book.

Where you can dig your heels in the sand.

Or dip your toes in the water.

Run from a wave...

...or attempt to ride one.

Hooray for sun worshipers! 

Isn't this Dad & daughter
photo adorable?

A parade of umbrellas

Lifeguards on duty

A day where I got to feel the wind...

...and just relax.
I hope you had some wonderful beach time over the summer. I wish us many, many more of these days!

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