20 September 2013

A Strawberry Pin Cushion

Hello and happy Friday!

To end our strawberry-themed week, why don't we make a strawberry pin cushion. It's simple to make, no sewing machine necessary.

I'm using felt from my craft stash. Fabric scraps {even if they're not in traditional strawberry colors} are a wonderful blah to TADA! option.

Cut a circle from the fabric. This one is 4 1/2 inches in diameter.

Cut the circle in half. We will be able to make two strawberries with this.

Trim the base of each half circle at a 10 degree angle. 

Take one half circle and stitch on a bunch of French knots with yellow embroidery floss. This step is optional; I just wanted to make the strawberry as lifelike as possible.

Then, with needle and thread, make a running stitch close to the curve of the half circle. Let the leftover thread dangle, which we'll come back to after this step:

Fold the half circle at the center, wrong-side facing out. Sew the open ends together with a back stitch and finish with a knot.

Turn the half circle inside out to look this -- a cone shape.

Fill the cone with fiber fill {Martha Stewart uses sand which helps keep pins and needles sharp}. The fiber fill I used comes from an old pillow {TADA!}. Once the stuffing is in place, gently tug on the loose thread to close the top of the cone.

Knot the ends of the thread and reinforce with more stitches using needle and thread to fully close the top of the strawberry.

With a piece of green felt and a pair of scissors, make a "cap" for the strawberry. 

Secure the cap to the strawberry with needle and thread. 

And here we have it, mini pin cushions for any mini or maxi sewing project.

Have a delightful weekend, darlings!

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