13 September 2013

Beautiful Blindfold

When traveling by air, we've hit the jackpot if we get anything for free. On many airlines, money has to be forked over for checked luggage and even a meal! How blah

I proudly travel in coach and I used to get amenity kits with socks, a small dental kit, earplugs and an eye mask. But cost-cutting measures have eliminated this freebie.

My thoughts turn melancholy as I take out this eye mask from one of my old airline amenity kits. I think I want to dress it up to brighten up my mood.

Embroidery is my choice and this book by Aneela Hoey has everything to help me out, from tips to tricks...

...and free embroidery patterns! This bunting design spells P-A-R-T-Y, right? So I lightly sketched it onto my eye mask with white pencil.

Here it is, all filled in with embroidery floss in primary colors...TADA!

This will be perfect as a blindfold when it's time to hit the pinata during any celebration. That idea makes me happy already. 

Have a splendid weekend, friends!

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