17 September 2013

No Cook Strawberry Jam

I have always wanted to try making my own jams and jellies. Making my own food, pouring these in jars, and lining them up on a shelf to give away or store for the winter months sound very appealing to me.

Especially when there is an abundance of produce, like these strawberries, at the market. However, I'm quite intimidated by the traditional canning process. "What is the proper way to sterilize jars and lids?", "How do I know if I've reached the right consistency?" are just the beginning of my endless list of questions. So blah. I think I need to take a class. But for now, I'll settle for this quick jam-making process:

I found these freezer jars at the supermarket. Sure, they're not as romantic as mason jars but because they're made of plastic {BPA-free!}, sterilization will be eliminated from the process {I would suggest washing these thoroughly before use}. 

These jars and lids can also be used over and over again, not just for jam making but for storing snacks and beverages.  

The package gives the recipe for a no cook strawberry jam. The fuss-free process sealed the deal -- I bought these freezer jars immediately!

I also gathered the ingredients like Instant Pectin {make sure it's "Instant" because there are different kinds like "Classic", "Liquid" and "Low Sugar"}.

Sugar and strawberries {crushed} are the only other ingredients we need.

Mix sugar and Instant Pectin in a bowl. Add the strawberries and stir everything together for three minutes.

Ladle the jam into the clean jars up to the "fill line".

Cover with the lids. Allow to stand in room temperature until thickened {about 30 minutes}. Refrigerate or freeze for future use or serve right away.

Easy, homemade strawberry jam...TADA!

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  1. Hi Claire, thanks for s haring.
    Your pictures are always beautiful and inspiring.
    I hope this strawberry jan is going to be so yummy as it appears!
    Great week!!


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