24 February 2014

Confetti, Confetti

Hello dear friends!

This week, I have three posts for you and our theme is CONFETTI. Its name and meaning conjure color and festivity, don't you agree?

I was inspired by this tiny package I saw at one of my visits to Anthropologie. The product write-up makes it even more desirable: a small packet of hand picked confetti for when even the smallest victories need to be acknowledged. 

That in itself is blah to TADA!, no?

I decided, maybe, I can make my own version. Here goes:

This empty plastic bag was once packaging for some gift labels. It's clear and has an adhesive flap. It's blah. But I wanted to give it another chance.

So I added some printed card stock cut to size to fit the plastic bag.

Add a few teaspoons of glitter...

And some vintage sequins.

A shiny, merry mix of happiness in a bag. TADA!

And why not scribble down some wise words that tie in to the sparkly contents?

It's now a thoughtful gift for a friend who's applying for a job, going on an audition, or making a big deal presentation. 

It just may be the little push that she needs.

And every time she sees it, her day will turn from blah to TADA!

See you on Wednesday for another confetti project.


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