28 February 2014

Party in a Tube

Hey, hey, happy Friday!

Today, I'm turning this empty paper towel roll from blah to TADA!

First I dressed it up with some snazzy paper.

Then I covered the bottom with a paper circle.

I manufactured a good amount of confetti with a craft punch and colored paper.

I filled the paper tube with the confetti...all the way to the top.

Then I covered this opening with another paper circle.

The paper wrapping on the tube and circles on both ends are easily attached with glue.

And look what we have -- a confetti stick! TADA! 

A fun idea: make a bunch of these for a surprise party or for a wedding.

Instruct guests to rip off one end of the tube.

Then, at the count of three, with a flick of the wrist overhead, an explosion confetti!

For more confetti inspiration, check this out.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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