26 February 2014

Gift Enclosed

I hope your week has been off to a great start. Today, another crafty confetti project.

I'm rescuing this blah from the trip to the trash bin.

It's a plastic box that once housed a set of letterpress holiday cards. Now that it's empty, it's a perfect display case. Think of all the possible things to put inside!

I'm covering one side with card stock in a polka-dot print.

This is what it looks like now...TADA!

And here's what happens next:

I wrapped a miniature present {ex. a piece of delicate jewelry} and made tons and tons of confetti from construction paper and a craft punch. 

Then I stuffed these inside the plastic box. See how the confetti covers the gift?

If the box is shaken, the gift is revealed!

Time for a little Washi tape action {in a matching polka-dot, of course}! Tape at the seams will keep any confetti from escaping, apart from upping the cuteness factor.

Write who it's for {personalizing goes a long way!}.

And maybe a little hint to knock her party socks off.

A shower of confetti is all part of the surprise. Isn't that TADA!?

See you on Friday!

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