07 April 2014

Spring Awakening

Slowly, I am feeling spring's arrival. "Slowly" being the operative word. It's still very cold on most days and my winter outfits are still on rotation.

But it's almost seven in the evening and the sun is still out.

And look! The barren trees are beginning to blossom. A very exciting prospect!

While there is nary a flower in the neighbor's lawn or backyard, I found a truckload at Macy's:

This year's Macy's Flower Show.

This arrangement is TADA!

The same one from a different angle.

I truly loved being surrounded with flowers that I don't see everyday like these...

This is part of the store display -- not exactly the real variety but TADA! just the same.

And look at this lady in red!

Decked in scarlet blossoms, front and back.

I hope these photos brightened your day. Tomorrow, my version of flower preservation.

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