25 April 2014

Beads and Blooms

I'm playing around with dryer sheets.

I first use them in my laundry, then I recycle the sheets as fabric for crafting.

I found this pattern in Martha's book.

I traced the pattern onto the dryer sheet.

I placed a second dryer sheet underneath {for added weight and thickness}. Then I secured these on an embroidery hoop.

I'm using these seed beads to add color to the design.

Stitch the beads onto the dryer sheets with needle and thread. 

I used embroidery stitches for the leaves.

Trim off the excess dryer sheets around the hoop so that the hoop doubles as a frame.

Here's the beaded flower ready to be displayed or given away as a gift. TADA!

You can also use dryer sheets as party decorations, a hair accessory, an envelope or Halloween accents.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Wow these ideas for dryer sheets are great!! I use a lot of dryer sheets and these seem like fun and great-smelling ideas haha I can't wait to try the envelope one!


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