28 April 2014

Sweet Paul: Eat and Make

Happy Monday Lovelies!

If you're a crafter, you must have heard of Paul Lowe, also known as "Sweet Paul". Among his many talents, he owns an inspiring website and publishes his own magazine!

I've enjoyed his work ever since I stumbled upon his blog. The pictures he styles are a visual feast. His recipes and crafts are both easy and approachable.

So when the opportunity came to meet him, I didn't pass it up.

It all happened at the Hoboken branch of Anthropologie on a beautiful Spring evening.

I really like how this store has a regular schedule of meet-the-author events across all their branches.

You see, Sweet Paul just launched a book called Eat and Make. And as a treat, I got myself a copy. 

Sweet Paul adding an inscription to my book!

We got to chat a bit and underneath all those tattoos is a teddy bear, a sweet man indeed.

The "Eat" part of the event: cheese and charcuterie.

There was wine, too!

A table was also set-up in the store for a night of cocktails and crafting.

The "Make" part of the event: we made these paper flowers.

They are made of dyed {Rit Dye} coffee filters...

...and colored Q-tips, all attached together with floral wire.

These are just some of the flowers we made...TADA!

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