21 April 2014

Recycling Dryer Sheets

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice Easter weekend.

This week on the blog, we'll turn dryer sheets from blah to TADA!

These sheets leave a mild fragrance and prevent static cling to my laundry. I know, I must find a more sustainable option. That's why I'm using the spent sheets for crafting. They're a good alternative to fabric.

Because they're sheer, it's easy to trace letters.

Spell out a favorite word.

Add another sheet underneath and mount these tightly on an embroidery hoop.

Now, time to embroider!

We'll use the embroidery hoop as a frame, too. Just trim off the excess dryer sheets.

And here we have handmade, heartfelt art. TADA!

See you back on Wednesday for another idea.

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