02 June 2014

Painted Jars

Hello Everyone! A day of spring sprucing in the kitchen has yielded these:

Empty glass jars that I cleaned with hot, soapy water. I also soaked the labels in water and peeled them off. If there is still some residue left, a product like this can make the task quick and easy. 

I love crafting with jars as seen here, here and here. And it doesn't stop there. Here's a project I spotted on Pinterest, I just had to try it myself.

A glass jar and paint are all we need.

Pour some paint into the jar and swirl it around.

The goal is to coat the sides of the jar. Keep pouring more paint in small amounts as necessary. If it helps, adding a tiny spritz of water will make the paint more runny, making the color spread faster.

Once the walls of the jar are tinted, invert the jar onto a paper plate or an old foam tray and allow the excess paint to drip out. Let the jar dry overnight.

And here's what the finished jar looks like...TADA! 

I experimented with other colors. I think they're adorable!

They make beautiful vases for these paper flowers.

I wish you all a colorful week! 

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