11 June 2014

Fiery Orange Flower

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Here's another flower that I crafted. I've made paper flowers before like this one and this one, but I couldn't help making more after reading this book:

It's written, styled, and photographed by Rebecca Thuss {who used to work for Martha Stewart's magazine empire} and her husband Patrick Farrell. And let me tell you, it will open your mind to new possibilities for paper flowers!

I'll show you how I made my orange bloom:

To make the flowers, crepe paper is the recommended material. I happen to love recycling so I used old packaging paper instead {the ones used for wrapping breakables at the department store}. In fact, you can use any paper you have on hand -- tissue, gift wrap, construction paper. Then, I used one of the petal templates from the book {also on-line}.

However, my white packaging paper was looking blah. 

But not anymore! With a little bit of paint {applied randomly with a dry paintbrush}, a cinch at the tip, a curl using a pencil, these are now looking more like petals.

I made a stamen out of fringed paper then attached this to a piece of floral wire with glue.

Then I added the petals, securing the ends to the wire with more glue.

I finished off with a layer of floral wire.

A closer look.

I even reused this empty white wine vinegar bottle as a vase. TADA!

More tomorrow.

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