04 November 2014

A Calligraphy Nib Organizer

Yesterday, I shared my first lessons in calligraphy.

I took a class with Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls. She's one of the best in the industry and learning from her was an absolute thrill.

This is one of her personal pens that I got to try. She uses it to make smaller letters. I was hoping that by using this pen, a bit of Maybelle's talent would rub off on me. LOL!

Here is the beautiful calligraphy kit that we got to take home with us.

As a bonus, Maybelle also gave away vintage nibs from one of her travels (she's generous like that). The nibs I took home were tucked neatly in a glassine envelope.

As a quick project, I wanted to assign a small case that would hold my calligraphy tools. 

I bought this small plastic box with 8 compartments.

Then I proceeded by making a few labels.

I thought it was a good opportunity to practice my calligraphy, too.

A special name tag for my nib organizer.

A few more labels to put inside. 

I'll use this to store the small number of nibs that I own.

And there's more room to grow my collection.

I know taking care of my tools will reward me in many ways. Don't you think it's blah to TADA!?

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