17 November 2014

Crafted from Chocolate

Over the summer, I stumbled upon this warehouse in Redhook, Brooklyn.

I just love its brick exterior! Inside are high ceilings, a small courtyard, and rooms, one leading to another. 

Cacao Prieto is a distillery serving up rums and liqueur made from organic sugar cane and cocoa from the Dominican Republic. 

As a fun learning activity, there are factory tours available on weekends.

On this side of the shop is a chocolate counter.  All the chocolate is made on the premises using single origin cacao, also from the Dominican Republic.

I bought myself this bar of dark chocolate with notes of mandarin and bergamot. Of course I wanted a taste but it's fair to admit that I was seduced by the packaging. 

These are designed in-house. Doesn't it look like expensive gift wrap?

And the label! Another application of calligraphy in this modern day and age. 

Even the fine print shows how much work was put into their products.

A necessary indulgence. 

It starts with a snappy crunch, smooth as it melts in the mouth, ending with the taste of citrus tempering its mild bitterness. 

I just had to save the wrapper. I can foresee many crafting opportunities with it.

For now, I'll use it to dress up this blah bag hanger. I got it from here.

I made a circle with the help of a craft punch. But tracing a round object, like a coin, and cutting it out with a pair of scissors works just as well.

I had to trim it to fit and then applied some glue for it to stick on the bag hanger. Then I sealed the paper with some Mod Podge.

I carry this bag hanger in my purse. When dining out, I just hook it onto the table so my bag is off the floor and close to me at all times. TADA!

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