10 November 2014

Delightful Daisy

Hello there! I hope you're having a productive Monday. Sometimes, I like to go to the perfume section of beauty shops and try on the newest fragrances. Lately, however, I've been blown away with packaging. Check this one out:

It's covered in daisies! It reminds me of a young lady wearing a lace dress. Or a beautiful spring day. Or crisp linen sheets. Or a morning wedding. 

It's fascinating how packaging doesn't only capture a shopper visually, but also tugs on moods and memories. 

This will be inspiration for some crafting.

I'm turning this empty bottle from blah to TADA!

I'm using crafter's clay to fashion the blooms.

These caking decorating tools are also very handy.

I take a handful of clay which I lightly knead to make it pliable. I put the rest in a resealable plastic bag so it doesn't dry out.

I roll out the clay with this nifty fondant rolling pin (you can use a regular rolling pin or a bottle, too).

The cutters make the flower shape.

I make holes in the center using the tip of a paintbrush.

Smaller flowers made from clay scraps.

Then attach the flowers onto the bottle with all purpose glue.

Allow to dry overnight.

Add some water and your favorite flower.

And here it is, a flower vase with a handmade touch. TADA!

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