19 May 2015

Pouches, personalized

Many blog posts ago, I decorated a linen pouch with iron-on patches. I thought I would make more to give away as presents.

Here are the plain pouches. The colors are cute but they're a little too blah.

I'm using these monograms to dress up the pouches.

First, I marked the center of the pouch with a ruler. That's where I'm positioning the patch.

I removed the backing from the patch and centered it onto the pouch.

I ironed up and under for a secure hold.

This one is for my goddaughter who just turned 12. She can fill it with her pens and pencils for school.

And this one is for a dear friend who lives far away. She can use it for her make-up.

A project that's simple, useful and personal. TADA!

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