18 May 2015

Pouches Galore

Happy Monday! One of my favorite ways to organize my things is to use pouches. I'm always on the lookout for cute ones in different sizes. If the price is right, I buy. But here are some that I'd like to DIY:

Pretty Pouches

Using a plain canvas pouch, I can add inked block prints to make No.1.
Or I can use stencils to spell out a statement or favorite quote just like No.2
With photo fabric paper, I can add an inspiring photo on a pouch, similar to No. 3. And possibly transform some vintage fabric into something useful like No. 4.
Tomorrow, I have a tutorial for an easy to make pouch, so please stop by. 
See you then!

Banana Republic zipper bag

Madewell blue purse

Bags case

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