02 November 2015

Edible Roses

Wow, November has arrived. 2015 is just flying by so quickly, don't you think?

Today's inspiration are these delicate pink roses. I'm going to make my own version using gumpaste.

I take a fist full of gumpaste and knead it. Then I add some gel food color and knead it some more until the gumpaste is saturated with color. Then I roll out the gumpaste with a rolling pin.
I cut out small circles using a cookie cutter.

Then I thin out the circle with a bone tool and cell pad. Roll the bone tool around the circle so it thins out and resembles a petal.

Moving the bone tool around the center slowly forms the gumpaste into a bowl-shape. I use this piece to cover a small styrofoam ball. I use egg whites as glue.

I keep making more petals out of the circles I cut out. (Keep the gumpaste wrapped in plastic wrap when not in use to avoid it from drying out). I attach each petal on the styrofoam ball with more egg white.

Slowly form the petals to resemble a rose. You can go tighter (still a bud) or looser (full bloom). I made this rose to look soft, droopy, and with some mild imperfections. 

This is ready to go on a cake. TADA!


  1. That is so very lovely! Have never heard of gumpaste before - so does it dry exactly "as is"? (As in, it won't show cracks?)

  2. Hi Rochelle! Gumpaste will dry and harden when exposed to air. It's a fun medium to work with; like edible clay. :)


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