01 February 2016

Wall Art Inspiration

When I'm out and about, I always find an idea that I'd like to re-create. But when time doesn't permit it or materials aren't handy, I like to file them away until I'm ready to craft.

Here are some of those ideas:

via West Elm 
This wall fixture is made of paper circles. Won't be cool to make something similar using empty paper towel rolls cut to size?

via West Elm 
Here's another one that reminds me of lace. They're papercuts! I would like to try them on a smaller scale, using a smaller frame.

via West Elm 
These flowers are made of very thin pieces of wood. I envision using any kind of paper like scrapbook paper in a thematic palette (ex. blues, yellows, pinks) or pages from an old book.

I hope these have left you wanting to create your own wall art for your space. Have a great week ahead!

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