15 February 2016

Flea Market Flip

Hello there! How was your weekend? It was extremely cold where I live so it was but natural to stay indoors and watch some TV. And TV watching turned out to be a marathon of sorts with Flea Market Flip on the playlist. 

Have you seen Flea Market Flip? It's a contest between two pairs who are each given a budget (ex. $500) to spend at a flea market. Each pair purchases three items and "flips" them based on given criteria (ex. inspired by nature, fabric project, vintage modern). They, with the help of a carpenter, have about a day to complete all three projects. Then, they go back to another flea market, this time to sell what they have made. The pair that makes a larger profit wins a cash prize.     

Now that's the kind of game I would join! It involves flea markets and transforming blah to TADA!

Here are some of my favorites:

A chair transformation using paint and upholstery

Mason jar kit turned light fixture

Old luggage that doubles as a side table & storage

A galvanized container turned into a coffee table

A printer's tray turned jewelry keeper

Old lockers updated as a storage bench

A fresh take on an old storage piece

Really, the results are quite inspiring, I can't wait to do a little "flipping" myself!


  1. Neither can I wait to see what you come up with, Claire! My favourite of the ones that you highlighted here is that chair... I would buy that in a second! They are all very inspiring, though.

  2. Thanks Rochelle! I hope you'll get to do some "flipping" as well :)


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