29 February 2016

Pretty Pins

Happy Monday! I hope you had a delightful weekend.

Can I share a few finds with you?

These are some pins that I purchased last year. I got them at the Columbus Circle Christmas Market in New York City. The lady who owned the booth sold all sorts of vintage jewelry. I chose the quarter-sized pin because it had my initial. It felt like it belonged to me when I picked it up.  

The longer pin, on the other hand, reminded me of something my mom and my aunts owned. Just a little bit of nostalgia.

Who wears pins these days? Well, here's how I would incorporate them in my wardrobe:

I would use it to secure a spring scarf around my neck. This works like a piece of jewelry, instead of wearing a pendant.

The long pin is always handy expecially for wrap blouses or dresses that don't seem to come with a button in the decolletage area. It's a cute accent piece, too.

Now, don't you agree that pins turn blah to TADA!?


  1. I still have a couple of those stick pins! And yes, thanks for the idea of using them to close up those drapey blouses that show too much... LOL!

  2. Hi Rochelle! Thanks for your visit. I hope you'll be able to use your pins as part of your current wardrobe. :)


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