27 March 2017

A Corkboard Makeover

Our home office has a blank wall above the desk. It's where my husband and I stick Post-its with lists or scrap paper filled with reminders attached to the wall using Washi tape

It was blah to look at. It needed a TADA! solution.

I found this corkboard at a thrift store. It was a steal at $3.00!

But because I didn't want the teenage bedroom or college dorm room look, I gave it a new face using paint.

Black paint.

I painted it entirely using about 5 coats.

It looks a lot more grown up now.

I found an excuse to go shopping for some push pins. These owl-shaped ones are from Target. They were less than $5.00.

I liked how elegant the gold looked on the black bakground.

This corkboard now hangs on our wall. It's beautiful and functional. 

Blah to TADA! indeed.

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  1. Thanks for the idea. I have an old bulletin board that goes with . . . NOTHING. But it's useful and I didn't want to throw it away.


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