20 March 2017

A Project Full of Patches

Hi guys! I hope your weekend went beautifully. 

I love me a good cappuccino, most especially if it's topped with gorgeous latte art (it's a skill I wish I had). That is why when I saw this little patch, I knew I had to have it: 

Isn't it cute? It could also pass for hot chocolate with a heart-shaped marshmallow. 

Many posts back, I made this pouch. It's a plain linen pouch that I got from the dollar bin at Target. I made it my own with iron-on patches

Each patch tells a story -- of my favorite things and some that I picked-up from my travels

There are still blank spots on the pouch for new acquisitions! 

With just a little bit of ironing...

My new patch is attached. 

It's a unique pouch that's a work in progress. TADA!

It's something I like to use for mini craft projects, keeping me organized and can be taken wherever I go. 

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