10 July 2017

A Polymer Clay Project

Hi guys! Have you crafted with oven-bake clay? 

I tried it for the first time. It was quite exciting!

Except for baking time and temperature, the package didn't really give instructions on how to use it.

 I kneaded the clay to soften it and leveled it out with a rolling pin. 

I used this leaf-shaped cutter/punch that's handy for cookies and pies. 

I transfered the cutouts in a mini muffin pan to achieve a bowl-shape. To avoid the clay from sticking, I put a little cornstarch in the grooves of the pan (which, after baking, I realized you don't really need).

I put the muffin tin inside a pre-heated oven (275 degrees Fahrenheit) and baked for 22 minutes (the length of time depends on the item's thickness).  

After letting the leaves cool, I painted them with watercolor. This kind of paint doesn't adhere well but this was the look I was envisioning -- uneven and streaky (like pottery baked in a kiln).

If you want a solid color, acrylic paint maybe a better option or use colored clay. 

I allowed the paint to dry and here's how I used my polymer clay leaves: 

As a chopstick rest for an Asian-themed dinner. TADA!

It can also function as a paintbrush or pen rest. Double TADA!


  1. Double tada is right! Love it! I'm curious about the size of the pkg... it says 2 oz. Did you use all of it just for leaves? How many did you get? Also, I wonder if you could have coloured it before baking?

  2. Thanks Rochelle! I was able to make a bunch of stuff with this small package. I made 4 leaves (each, about 2 1/2 inches) and 3 small dishes/trinketrays. Next time, I'll try painting it before baking but I think it will work. Have a good week!

  3. I am a watercolorist, and I didn't know you could paint polymer clay with watercolor. Oh, the possibilities! Thanks for posting this!


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