17 July 2017

The 100 Day Project Round-up Part One

Can I just say "Whew" and "Wow" at the same time? I just completed "The 100 Day Project"! It's both a relief and a proud moment.

The 100 Day Project is a free, yearly global art project that anyone can participate in. It had participants choose an action and do it for 100 days like "100 Days of Shoes" or "100 Days of Flowers". The other rule was to document it on Instagram with the tag #the100dayproject and your chosen hashtag (ex. #100days of shoes). 

I chose to do "100 Days of Crafts and Confections". Here is a recap of the projects I completed:

Week 1 (April 4 - 9): Blackout poetry, bounce calligraphy, earring making, baking a chocolate cake, a watercolor inspired by the orchid show

Week 2 (April 10 - 14): An entry in my travel journal, a pompom zipper pull, a bookmark made from Washi tape, blackout poetry, an Easter greeting card
Week  3 (April 15 - 19): Playing with sun prints, a bunny ear headband, ribbon rose hair clips, updating an old necklace with a tassel, a spring-inspired painting

Week 4 (April 20 - 24): My take on mangoes with sticky rice (my favorite Thai dessert), homemade macarons with pistachio ice cream, mini pain au chocolat, gift tags made with white pen on black sticker paper, pressing flowers

Week 5 (April 25 - 29): A leather tassel, a pair of earrings, art inspired by cherry blossoms

Week 6 (April 30 - May 4): Blackout poetry, a paper airplane using an old map, bookplates, a vanilla pound cake using my newly-acquired loaf pan, an entry in my travel journal

Week 7 (May 5 - 9): a pendant made from a pressed flower, lemon poppyseed bread, watercolor flowers, and a trinket tray made from ovenbake clay

Week 8 (May 10 - 14): more bounce calligraphy, experiments with wood burning tools and beechwood tags, a greeting card, brownies from Dorie Greenspan's "Dorie's Cookies" book, a page from a coloring book 

Week 9 (May 15 - 19): a watercolor inspired by the irises growing outdoors, blackout poetry, handmade silver earrings, carving a stamp, inking my stamp on stationery

Week 10 (May 20 - 24): blackout poetry, papercutting, a coloring session (using illustrations on a paperbag), folding paper boats from old bill envelopes, turning a Metrocard subway/bus pass into a notebook (just add scrap paper!)...TADA!

Tomorrow, I'll share what I did for Weeks 11-20. See ya!

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  1. A very nice collection! I think my favorite project is the ribbon rose hair clips.


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