18 July 2017

The 100 Day Project Round-up Part Two

Welcome back! I just completed "The 100 Day Project", an exercise in creativity, commitment, and discipline. I chose the project, "100 Days of Crafts and Confections" that I documented on Instagram.

Yesterday, I showed you what I made for Weeks 1 to 10. Here's what I did for Days 51 to 100:

Week 11 (May 24 to 28): This week, I drew inspiration from other artists participating in the 100 Day Challenge. I used their projects as prompts. These are my versions of "100 Days of Shoes", "100 Days of Hands", "100 Days of Blue", "100 Days of Shopping Lists", and "100 Days of Cardboard Collage"

Week 12 (May 29 to June 2): Another experiment with pyrography/wood burning, gift wrapping using my wood-burned tag, a watercolor for National Doughnut Day, a pressed flower pendant, and a "Mama Bear" made out of felt

Week 13 (June 3 to 7): A sketch to signal the arrival of peonies, a watercolor inspired by an evening at the ballet, origami hearts (which I use as bookmarks), my first attempt at mandala making, and a flower made out of giftwrap/pink tissue

Week 14 (June 8 to 12): I baked a batch of popovers with a side of strawberry cream cheese, "Throwback Thursday" was a sketch of old school gadgets, a brush calligraphy quote, a sketch of my buddies from childhood dance class, and giving life to an old matchbox (it's now a greeting card!)

Week 15 (June 13 to 17): I made chocolate sables using a piggy-shaped cookie cutter, another watercolor inspired by nature, a mermaid sketch using a ballpen and a supermarket flyer, ribbon remnants turned into page flags, and adding color to the cover of a notebook

Week 16 (June 18 to 22): A portrait sketch using my non-dominant hand, a coloring postcard, a watercolor painting of kiwis, pressed flowers on gift tags, and "Papa Bear" made from felt

Week 17 (June 23 to 27): I made my own tassel earrings, gift tags with pompom noses on clown drawings, banana dulce de leche pies, a winged-creatures collage, and a watercolor of my favorite dresses when I was little

Week 18 (June 28 to July 2): Mini greeting cards made from scrapbook paper and flower stamps, white chocolate bonbons, flower stamps and watercolor, a hydrangea sketch (announcing summer's arrival), and a coloring page that reminds me of a magic carpet

Week 19 (July 3 to 7): A watercolor of mums inspired by a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens; I made my own vanilla extract using this recipeI packaged it in a recycled bottle, decorated it with baker's twine and a hand-written label; I made a farmer's bounty sketch, and practiced my brush calligraphy (the caption to this photo is: "If Plan A didn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters")

Week 20 (July 8 to 12):  A brown paper package tied up with string (and embellished with stickers), practicing my brush calligraphy with the quote, "Mistakes are proof that we a trying", Baby Bear to complete the "The Three Bears", a collage made by painting over washi tape and peeling these off when the paint was dry, and a sprinkles cake to celebrate Day 100...TADA!

For everyone who participated in #the100DayProject, congratulations! And to everyone who joined me everyday, thank you! Your comments and "likes" gave me fuel to finish.

I hope this inspires eveyone to keep making things.

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